Exceedingly Practical Training

Chances are, as an Aidpreneur, you’ve already invested a massive amount of time learning theory in university and working in the trenches to get hands-on experience. Now, as you think about starting up a new practice to serve others – or just make the one you currently have that much better – you’re looking for practical, I-can-use-this-today types of resources. That’s exactly what you’ll find below.

Getting Started

Thinking of starting up a consulting practice or a new NGO? Get started quickly with this training that will get you focused, set up and ready to deliver for your clients in three steps.

0. Start Up Toolkit TP

Fundraising or Winning New Business

The five trainings below are focused on how to create a machine that will continuously “keep the fire warm” for your practice or organization in the traditional ultra-competitive winning grants and contracts process.

1. Pipeline Management TP
2. Identifying opportunities TP
3. Decisions and Prioritization TP
4. Proposal Development TP
5. Negotiation and contract execution TP

Project Management

Congratulations! You’ve been selected for the job… now what? Winning the work is euphoric, but delivering is what really matters for people in need. Use these trainings to help you set up, manage, and monitor your project or program, and then look back to see how you did when you close things out with your client.

6. Contract Handover TP
7. Project Kick Off TP
8. Project Monitoring TP
9. Project Evaluation TP
10. Project Closing TP